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How to improve your fund's CRM platform

Learnings from private equity CTO interviews

Over the past year, we have held over twenty interviews with PE investors and CTOs who are frustrated with their antiquated CRM platforms and overly manual internal processes.

In these conversation, we have heard very similar complaints:

1) The CRM platform we use requires too much data entry
2) The deal teams hate using the CRM, we have to force them to enter deals
3) We have sunk so much money into our CRM platform, that we simply cannot move now
4) We want to take advantage of the new AI features, but don't know how
5) We are falling behind our peers, and it is starting to impact our deal making pace and returns

Fortunately, all of these issues can be addressed in a short amount of time and with the right level of focus. Since launching ListAlpha we have worked with over 15 funds to improve the deal flow processes and as a result we have complied the best practices that we have observed below:

The best time to change your CRM / deal flow platform is today

There is no upside in waiting or delaying for an ideal solution to come your way. In PE, capital deployment pace and returns are the only thing that matters. Delaying by another year will simply slow your team down and hold you back as an organisation for longer.

Simple is better

You don't need an overly complicated set of API integration and you don't need that proprietary data warehouse. What you deal team needs is a simple and effective solution for keeping track of their relationships and deals, full stop.  Empower your investors with a platform that allows them to research and track new opportunities and they will do the rest.

Push the boundaries on practical applications of AI

This technology is extremely powerful and can allow teams to massively uplift their productivity. Adopt early tools now, give your investors a suite of power tools that can automate company tracking, reach out and due diligence.

To learn more about ListAlpha and how we have have helped leading PE investors improve their origination motion, get in touch with our sales team today.

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