How Mayfair Equity Partners improved origination and deal flow functions

UK-based mid market private equity firm Mayfair Equity Partners has achieved substantial efficiencies within its deal team operations by migrating to ListAlpha from it’s previous CRM solution

Mayfair Equity Partners
Mayfair Equity Partners is a dedicated technology and consumer investor with over £2 billion in assets under management. Its investment philosophy is to back people and their ideas, working in active partnership with founders and management teams to help them realise their ambitions.
Private Equity
Kunal Dasgupta

“ListAlpha has significantly improved our origination and deal tracking motion. Its impact on our fund cannot be underestimated”

Kunal Dasgupta

Founding Partner, Mayfair Equity Partners
Mayfair Equity Partners was previously using MS Dynamics, a generic CRM solution which was manual and very data intensive for the team. Contact information was frequently out of date and deal information was not always consistently entered.
Migrating to ListAlpha allowed Mayfair to significantly automate the process of deal creation and pipeline tacking. As adding deals to the platform became significantly easier, the senior members of the investment team gained confidence in data quality and began logging and tracking more and more assets.

As a result, the reported deal flow volume across the fund increased by over 50% year on year, providing significantly more visibility into market trends.

ListAlpha also synced all of Mayfair’s contacts, emails, and interactions in one place, providing a centralised view of key origination and M&A relationships. This allowed the fund the more clearly track its Tier 1 M&A advisers and to focus outbound outreach.

Lastly, the introduction of the Notes module allowed to easily consolidate all of the market insights coming from M&A advisers, brokers and due diligence advisers.

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