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Automate fundraising, retain your best investors and build relationships with new LPs

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Investor relations

“ListAlpha has allowed us to significantly simplify our LP tracking. We no longer need to manually track meetings and can spend more interacting with and closing new investors.”

Director of Investor Relations, Mid-Market UK PE fund

Automate relationship tracking with key LPs

Automatically track all of your email and calendar interactions with LPs through our native Microsoft Exchange integration. Know where you stand and when was the last meeting with each potential prospect.

Build a bespoke fundraising pipeline

Customise your Investor Relations stages and IR records to your liking. Change the components, the layout and the look and feel of the IR editor to fit your fund’s custom workflow. Seamlessly connect with other objects, such as deals, companies and notes.

Manage across funds and
co-investment opportunities

Seamlessly toggle between major fundraises and tactical syndications or co-investment opportunities. Build reports and bespoke views that allow to manage all of the IR activities in one place.

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