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“We wasted way to much time trying to customize MS Dynamics and make it work.
I wish we had migrated to ListAlpha earlier.”

Principal, Mid market PE

Free yourself from the CRM data entry grind

Reclaim your productivity by liberating yourself from the tedious manual data entry and updates. With ListAlpha, each interaction with individuals or companies generates a data record, complete with essential details for deal-making. All communication is tracked, providing your team with the transparency needed to advance deals towards successful completion.

Deal and Relationship Intelligence on the move

Access deals and advisors on the go with a custom-built mobile app. Designed for investment professionals, it offers real-time deal data and insights in a straightforward interface. Stay connected and informed with ListAlpha's mobile solution, simplifying the way you manage deals and relationships.

Adviser insights that drive deal flow

Improve the quality of your deal flow by prioritising your Tier 1 M&A relationships. Identify gaps in your adviser coverage and discover new deal leads. ListAlpha's relationship analytics help you recognize emerging market trends and opportunities, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

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