Where do the top Private Equity funds recruit from?

This week we expand our PE Exits Series to include the eleven of the largest private equity funds across US and Europe, which cover 711 junior dealmakers across all geographic locations.

To replicate the results, click on the individual fund below and go to the "Frequency" tab:

  • In-line with some of our earlier analysis, Goldman Sachs continues to dominate the league tables with surprising consistency across all of the funds, with 15-25% of the associate panel coming from that bank.

  • Jointly, the top 3 banks (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley), make-up 40-60% of the analysed panel, which raises interesting questions about the overall concentration of experiences in PE funds.

  • There is a significant variance in the propensity for strategy consultants with Bain Cap, Advent, EQT and Warburg being particularly fond of those profiles. Note we, expand on this theme further in this blog post.

Aggregate view across all funds:

Raw data in table format:

To analyse this data further, log into the listAlpha platform and explore the Private Equity collection.

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