Introducing the ListAlpha Platform

ListAlpha Launches AI-Driven Deal Flow Management Platform for Private Equity Investors

  • ListAlpha is a state-of-the art transaction and relationship management platform that allows investors to manage their deal flow and to track and screen new investments
  • Combines traditional CRM functionality with a proprietary company research module to evaluate new opportunities in the context of past deal flow
  • Powered by OpenAI’s technology, ListaAlpha combines GPT4 with traditional API-based data feeds to render investment judgement in minutes, significantly automating the due diligence process
  • ListAlpha is led by the founder, Ihar Valodzin, and is a privately controlled and independent platform

LONDON, 28 September 2023 - Today we are proud to announce the official launch of our deal flow and relationship management platform, tailor-made for private equity investors. Our software enables private equity funds to automate their deal flow tracking activity, significantly reducing manual and time-intensive data entry work for investment teams. Pilot programmes have demonstrated a significant increase in reported deal flow once ListAlpha becomes an integral part of origination and investment research activity.

The platform was founded and developed by Ihar Valodzin during the COVID pandemic. ListAlpha benefited from early support from Mayfair Equity Partners, which provided valuable expertise and the infrastructure required to develop and scale the business. ListAlpha includes traditional CRM functionality with new innovative modules, such as:

  • Company screening engine: ListAlpha offers a unique integrated company screening and research module. Unlike traditional CRMs, which are focused on historical data capture, ListAlpha enables investors to research new deals directly from the platform and to evaluate them based on previous sector experience and adviser relationships.
  • AI-integration: The software evaluates target businesses by combining traditional API-based company information with qualitative judgement delivered by OpenAI GPT technology. This renders an “Investment Committee  one-pager” in under 10 seconds, facilitating the screening of companies at speed and scale, allowing investors to focus on complex experience driven tasks.
  • Relationship management: ListAlpha offers powerful contact management functionality through Outlook integration, which auto-populates information and removes the need for manual data entry. The platform also provides AI-generated industry tags for each contact, including links to associated activity, making finding advisers or industry experts easy to do.
  • Notes module: Intelligence gathering and sharing is at the core of any private equity workflow. ListAlpha provides powerful notetaking functionality, allowing deal teams to gather deal insights in one place, creating a rich repository of market information that can be shared across the team.
  • Deal flow tracking: The platform allows investors to automate deal tracking, management and reporting by removing manual processes by utilizing powerful 3rd party data warehouses for company information.
  • Seamless API integrations: ListAlpha is natively compatible with Microsoft and Google, delivering easy integration with other applications.

Ihar Valodzin, Founder of ListAlpha, commented:

“As a deal team member, I’ve always been surprised by how manual traditional CRM platforms are and how few are designed for the deal team. With ListAlpha, we have rebuilt the entire software stack from the ground up for investment professionals, enabling them to be more productive and to find and do better deals.
ListAlpha was conceived during the pandemic when I coded a prototype to automate parts of the deal screening process. The development of the platform benefited from the Mayfair team’s expertise and in-house infrastructure. This enabled us to dedicate time and resource which a start-up would normally struggle to find, allowing product feedback and real-world testing of the software. As a result, we can truly say that ListAlpha has been made by investment professionals, for investment professionals.”


Daniel Sasaki, Managing Partner at Mayfair Equity Partners, said:

“Mayfair backs people and their ideas, and our support for ListAlpha is evidence of that philosophy. The time and investment we have provided is testament to our belief in the company’s potential as a unique, state-of-the-art dealflow platform.
Mayfair’s deal flow and relationship tracking workflow has been significantly improved since adopting ListAlpha. We believe this product can benefit other funds by providing a more automated and efficient CRM platform.”

About ListAlpha

Founded in London in 2021, ListAlpha is a state-of-the-art deal and relationship management platform created specifically to meet the unique needs of private equity investors. Designed and developed by investment professionals, ListAlpha has been created to achieve the vision of introducing cutting-edge software techniques and AI technology to the private capital sector.

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