Interview with Fred Corkett, Co-founder of Dialectica

Ihar Valodzin

Founder of ListAlpha

As part of our ListAlpha Insights series, I recently sat down for a conversation with Fred Corkett, a personal friend and the Co-Founder / Managing Director of Dialectica.

Dialectica is a leading expert network provider that offers 1-1 consultations, B2B surveys and other insight services to private equity funds and consultancies worldwide.

The company is an impressive European growth story having been founded in 2015 and expanding to more than 1000 employees worldwide in under 9 years. The business has also been listed in FT's fastest growing companies list for four consecutive years.

In this interview, we discussed latest expert network trends, the impact of AI on this market, the founding story of the company and Fred’s advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Video Chapters:

0:00 - Introduction
3:02 - Founding story
4:30 - Dialectica's differentiation
7:48 - Expert Network best practices
11:55 - Importance of project scoping
13:48 - Scaling the company
17:22 - How difficult is growth
19:26 - Business size
20:25 - Fundraising for the business
22:22 - Maintaining growth momentum
24:00 - Hardest day as a founder
26:39 - New products and R&D
32:01 - AI impact on Expert Networks
36:02 - Advice to founders
40:00 - Spotting founders

About Dialectica

Dialectica is a B2B information services firm that serves the world's top business professionals, by enabling them to gather real-time information and insights from industry experts across various markets, industries, and regions. Driven by our mission to achieve unparalleled customer recognition, we are developing the most trusted and innovative knowledge-sharing platform in the world.
Dialectica has been recognized as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies by the Financial Times for 4 years in a row, a Top Employer for Recent Graduates by The Career Directory in Canada and a Best Workplace.

Frederick Corkett is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Dialectica. He previously worked at AMR International as a Strategy Consultant.

About ListAlpha

ListAlpha is a next generation deal and relationship management platform for private equity investors. Our software allows investors to originate, track and close more deals, while prioritising the most important adviser relationships. ListAlpha platform was created by investment professionals with the needs of deal teams in mind, prioritising efficiency and ease of use above data entry and manual reports.

Ihar Valodzin is the Founder and CEO of ListAlpha, which he created with the support of Mayfair Equity Partners. He previously worked at BC Partners and Bain & Co as a strategy consultant.

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