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Data Protection and Privacy 

We regularly work with independent experts to verify our security, privacy, and compliance controls, and have achieved compliance with stringent global standards.

GDPR CertificateCCPA Certificate


ListAlpha is designed to comply with all requirements stated by the GDPR and the CCPA. Our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement (DPA) reflect the requirements of the GDPR. We work with privacy and data protection, to ensure compliance with all aspects of the US and EU data privacy regulations.

IT Security Controls

Security and Compliance represent key aspects of our platform. ListAlpha iscommitted to securing access to customer’s data, eliminating systemvulnerabilities and ensuring continuity of access.

Network security

Our production services run in an isolated cloud instance on AWS. Only network protocols essential for making our service work are open at the network's perimeter.

Access controls

Access to internal systems requires multiple authentication factors, including VPN access and device-based authentication tokens.

Independent testing

We conduct rigorous penetration tests with world-class independent security consulting firms, including NCC.

Uptime and durability

We save daily backups to ensure our clients data is safe and secure, and store them redundantly across multiple availability zones. We use third-party monitoring services to track availability and have engineers on-call to rapidly investigate and address any outages.

Audit logs

Access to customer data in cases when customers need our assistance is logged and regularly audited. No data is accessed unless we cannot provide support to our customers without doing so.

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