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Where does Tiger Global recruit from?

Tiger Global, already one of the most voracious VC investors of recent years, is roaring into 2021 more aggressively than ever. The 20-year-old New York-based investing firm firm has invested in 118 companies this year so far, up an astonishing 10x compared to its investing pace in the first five months of 2020 and has recently closed its latest $6.7 billion venture fund.

But what does it take to join the team of this secretive fund. To answer the question, we have analysed 23 profiles in their deal team covering Partners, Investors and Associates below:

  • 70% of the analysed investors came from Private Equity background, with names including Apollo, Blackstone, Warburg Pincus, KKR and others.

  • Apollo was the largest single feeder fund, generating 4 of the profiles (17% of the sample)

  • Hedge funds resulted in only 4 of the profiles, surprisingly with only one coming from the famed Tiger Management parent fund

  • Consulting and Investment Banking was also underrepresented with only two profiles from BCG and Citigroup

To replicate these results or to explore the data in more detail, visit the Tiger Global profile and go to "Frequency" tab.

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