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Where does Index Ventures recruit from?

As part of our VC series, today we are taking a look at Index Ventures, a transatlantic VC firm that has recently raised two new funds — a $900m fund to back startups at Series A and B and a $2bn growth fund for later rounds.

To better understand the recruiting preferences for their junior deal team profiles, we have have analysed the current roster of Principals (15 profiles as of July 2021):

  • As with many VC funds, big tech dominates the intake, with firms such as Palantir, Stripe, Apple, Google and eBay contributing 6 (or 40%) of the incoming profiles

  • Private equity (surprisingly) came in second with a very strong showing from some of the more traditional buy-out and growth funds such as EQT, TPG and GA

  • Rival VC funds contributed only 3 (20%) of the profiles

  • The Consulting / Banking route had a particular poor showing with only one GS banker making the cut

To explore more investors working Index Ventures, click here and follow to the org chart.

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