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Exit Opportunities for Analysts at Bulge Bracket Banks

We have analysed the LinkedIn profiles of 102 Associates at leading US PE mega funds (TPG, Apollo, Carlyle, Blackstone and KKR) to understand what jobs they did prior to joining the fund. For this week's analysis, we concentrated on the four bulge bracket banks - BAML, Citi, Barclays and Credit Suisse.

  • Results have been actually fairly evenly spread with each bank contributing c. 20-30 profiles to the current Associate PE classes.

  • Apollo had a unique concentration with Barclays (8 profiles)

  • Similarly, BAML did well with Blackstone with more than a third of the current Associate pool originating from there

To replicate the results or to explore the data in more detail, click each of the individual companies below and go to "Frequency" tab:

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